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Hi there, and thanks for visiting my Blog! How did I get started? Well, when I was pretty young, my mom taught me all the basics of sewing. It seemed to come natural to me, and by the time I was in middle school, I began to make lots of my own clothes. I did some sewing for people I knew, (including my mom!)and then bought my first sewing machine in 1986 when I decided that I would make my own wedding gown! I live in Melrose, MA with my husband and our 3 boys. When expecting our first, I started to make dolls, just in case I had a girl. I continued making and selling them as they were fun to make and customize for a special girl. I work out of my home and have had the great experience of making gowns, home fashions, dolls and doing many alterations over the years. My work has been largely word of mouth, with very little advertising. I think you will find my work unique and would like to create something special just for you!

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Schedule This!

Deciding to leave the accounting profession after 36 years, was easy! 

Face it, doing something you went to school for, while moonlighting with what you love, makes the transition so much easier. I have done both for so long, but Covid made me examine what was important to me.

For me, making my own hours, finally finding a studio space outside my home, and designating time for myself, was a no brainer. Plus, doing what I love, makes me happy! I get hugs instead of scowls telling someone how much they owe the IRS! 

Scheduling - this is still evolving

I finally have my booking calendar the way I like it. I have some daytime appointments and some evenings. But not every day. No weekends until Sunday night. People book online - most of them. And this works! It's when people call, text or email me to schedule, that throws me off. I am very accommodating for students, nurses and others with odd schedules. So, I schedule "outside" of my normal appointment times. I'll go in on a Saturday morning - but no later than 9AM. I like to have my weekends like everyone else, and I stick to it, unless it's a rainy day and I've got lots to do, then I don't mind going in. 

I find I also have to schedule MY time. This is the tricky part!  I TRY to set aside time for yoga, going home for lunch, visiting my parents and kids, food shopping, riding my bike and other activities I might want to do during the week. Yes, I schedule lunch! Sometimes I have to cancel my scheduled activities if I'm too busy, but I prefer to stick to my schedule if at all possible. 

I also found that I needed to take a break in my busiest time of year! This year I took 4 days off and I went away - on a plane, to do absolutely nothing, with some very good friends. No plans, no worries, just time to chill. Yes, I still had a lot to do when I left, but I'm glad I took the break - I needed it - to clear my head. And believe it or not, I didn't stress over what I had to get done when I got back! I felt relaxed and recharged! 


I am now in my 2nd year full time with my business - and it is growing! I'm even getting more custom work, which I'm trying to navigate. How many custom things can I juggle during my busiest time of year? While I didn't go to school for sewing/design, after 25+ years, of doing creative work, I am still evolving and learning as I go. It's an exciting time for me! 

Focus - I can't do everything!

I used to take everything, all the time, because I wasn't so busy, and it was my side hustle. But I have decided that I found my niche. I'm a bridal seamstress. That's what I love to do, so that's what I've become good at! I'll work on anything bridal - wedding gown, bridesmaid, mothers of bride and groom, and flower girl dresses. I've decided what I'm good at and am sticking to that! 

Certain things I am now saying NO to. For example, I don't alter jackets, of any kind. The only menswear I'll take, are pants hems. I don't replace zippers and I don't replace linings. I also don't make curtains or do any upholstery anymore. Those are specialized items as well, and while I did enjoy making home fashions, these are things that I don't do enough of to be good at them, so I have people that I recommend for those, and I'm happy about that. I'd rather pass something up, than do a terrible job for someone. And, in my busiest time of year - March through October - I won't take anything that's not bridal related. Famous last words....(I DO give preference to existing clients, if I have the time)

I never thought I'd end up here, but here I am!

I have found that the key to being happy, is doing what you love to do. For so many years I just did what I was taught and told to do, while I was doing what I loved on the side. I'm so happy I made the transition.  I believe I am healthier and happier because of it!

Thanks for reading :)