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Hi there, and thanks for visiting my Blog! How did I get started? Well, when I was pretty young, my mom taught me all the basics of sewing. It seemed to come natural to me, and by the time I was in middle school, I began to make lots of my own clothes. I did some sewing for people I knew, (including my mom!)and then bought my first sewing machine in 1986 when I decided that I would make my own wedding gown! I live in Melrose, MA with my husband and our 3 boys. When expecting our first, I started to make dolls, just in case I had a girl. I continued making and selling them as they were fun to make and customize for a special girl. I work out of my home and have had the great experience of making gowns, home fashions, dolls and doing many alterations over the years. My work has been largely word of mouth, with very little advertising. I think you will find my work unique and would like to create something special just for you!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

When to buy your formal dress? Better yet...when to schedule your alterations!

You're a bride, bride's attendant, prom-goer, or going to a another formal event. When is the right time to buy your dress? Good question. No right answers!  However, if you find yourself in need of alterations there are some guidelines (for me, anyway!) If you're a bride, then 6-8 weeks minimum is what I prefer. If you are IN a wedding, the bride will likely go with you to select the bridal party attire, then it's up to the shop to get it to you in a reasonable amount of time. If you are going to prom, any young girl wants to buy her dress as soon as possible, likely, months before prom, to limit the chance of someone else scooping up "her" dress, leaving the dress shop to tell you, "Sorry, we can't sell you That dress, someone else is wearing it to Your prom!"

Stressful for some, not so much for others. Now, you have your gown, what next? Accessories, shoes, appointments made for hair and nails...last on the list...always....always....always....alterations!!!

Now, for bridal, I like to have at least 6-8 weeks, and for prom/formal gowns, at least 2-3 weeks. Hurray for Brides!!! Most brides are really good at organizing what has to be done, so most of my bridal alterations come in at least 6 weeks ahead of time. I can get it done within a tighter time frame, but I never know what I'm going to get, so I like to leave myself some breathing room!
But others, realizing the event you are attending is coming up quickly, you try on your dress so see how it looks just weeks before the event, not thinking that it may fit differently than when you purchased it!

So that dress that fit you to a T when you purchased it months ago, now is too snug or swimming on you. And unless you are 5'10" or taller or wearing platform shoes, it's way too long. So, you call around, with 2 weeks or less, until prom or the wedding, trying to find someone to "fit you in"....the phone (my phone) starts ringing non stop! Yes, of course I'll take you!  But at some point (with only one week to prom, and in one case recently - 3 weeks before a wedding, for wedding gown alterations!) I have had to start saying no...It honestly kills me! I love to help girls look their best on the big day, no matter what the occasion, but please think ahead and schedule that appointment for your fitting, far enough in advance! I do pride myself in pulling through in tight situations, but do like to have more time.

I've had a RECORD season! January to May 2016 - 6 Brides!!!, 19 bridesmaids, 3 Mother of bride/groom, 2 semi dresses, and 16 prom dresses!

So.....I've been burning the midnight oil for the past month to get all these gowns done...knowing that by June, I'll be slowing down and sleeping a little more :) ....until the calls for September weddings start rolling in!

(photos to follow)